"Tesla Days" at Mid-America
Science Museum
Features Grand Nephew
William H. Terbo

William H. Terbo is the closest living relative (grand nephew) of Nikola Tesla - and a Founding Director, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Tesla Memorial Society, Inc. Mr. Terbo was the featured guest speaker at MASM's "TESLA DAYS" on Wednesday, March 11th and Thursday, March 12th. Then on March 13th, Mr. Terbo spoke at the Dallas Electric Club, Dallas, Texas. Mr. Terbo's remarks on the drama and personality of Nikola Tesla was proceeded by an informative and entertaining 40-minute biographical movie on Tesla and followed by a Question and Answer session. Terbo speaks regularly on the personality, ideals and world acclaimed accomplishments of the inventor extraordinaire - Nikola Tesla. In the past 30 years Mr. Terbo has spoken extensively at conferences and other notable events, including appearances in many video documentaries for domestic and international network television.
William H. Terbo and Richard W. Mathias - March 2009
Boyana Terbo and Mary Ellen Mathias
David Mathias, Boyana Terbo, William H. Terbo, Tate Hawkins
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