Sermon From Science

Has been shared with the following schools and professional organizations


Benton Area Schools - Benton, AR

Beebe Public School (Summer Camp), Beebe, AR. - June 18, 2009

Bryan, Texas - City Electric Utility (100th ) City Dignitaries- Oct. 1, 2009

Bryan Public Schools (4), Bryan, Tx - Sept. 30th, Oct. 1 & 2, 2009

Cutter-Morning Star High School - Hot Springs, AR

Fountain Lake Middle & High School - Fountain Lake, AR

Hot Springs School - Hot Springs, AR

Jesseville School - Jesseville, AR

Lake Hamilton School - Pearcy, AR

Lakeside School, Hot Springs, AR

Little Rock Central High School - Little Rock, AR

Mena Intermediate School, Mena Arkansas

Midway School - K-12th Midway, TX

Mountain Pine School - Mountain Pine, AR

National Park Community College, Hot Springs, AR

Scoggins School of Gifted and Talented - Red Bluff, AR

Yocum Math & Science School - El Dorado, AR

Washington Middle School - El Dorado, AR

Professional Organizations

Association of Retired Persons - (MASM) Hot Springs, AR

Dallas Electric Club - Dallas, Texas

Elderhostel, Hot Springs, AR

Grace Composites - Lonoke, AR

Hot Springs Showmen's Association - Hot Springs, AR

Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers- Little Rock, AR

Kiwanis Club - Hot Springs Village, AR

Lions Club - Hot Springs Village, AR

Optimist Club - Hot Springs Village, AR